Smoking a Snickers

The next time you smell cigarette smoke on someone and wrinkle your nose and wave away the smell and flash the dirty look and make the snide remark and the sound through your nose, I want you to ask yourself why you’re annoyed with this person.

Let’s see if I can sum it up:  “It will make you sick and dead.”  “It will make the person next to them sick.” (second-hand smoke) “It’s a filthy habit.  Makes your teeth yellow.  Makes you smell bad…etc.”,  “Being an addict is morally wrong.” “It costs you lots of money.”

Now, here’s a question:  Would you look at a fat guy and have the same reactions?

(Yes, there’s proof that being overweight can be “contagious.”  Kids get their eating habits from their folks, for example.)

There’s a moment in my life I remember vividly.  I was (at least) 320 pounds, on a break at work, and had just bought a king-size Snickers from the vending machine.  I walked out to the smoking area to chat with some folks, and I as I was standing there gobbling my candy bar, I said “You know cigarettes will kill you, right?”

I was only teasing them, but the irony of the moment has stayed with me for years.


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